Remember when your mom forced you to take ballet lessons growing up?

And the tight pink leotards and itchy pink tights were so hard to move

around in. American Ballet Theatre soloist Misty Copeland has created

a new line of comfortable dancewear that will encourage the child in

you to  plie, twirl and leap all over again.


Misty says her line, M by Misty is for the "average women with average

bodies."  That's just PC for what she really wants to say.  The line

is designed for women blessed with boobs, butts and hips.


M by Misty will be in department stores soon. Sizes go up to 16.



Here's how Misty describes the concept behind each design, from the

support mesh to bra straps.



"All of the leotards are made of a great stretch yet supportive fabric

that allows the whole body to feel

support and give it a smooth look so that you don't see imperfections."


"The power mesh material gives the support that most people assume

they are getting from an under



"The support inside the leotard is there to fit every bust size."


"This mesh has an adjustable strap in back that hooks like a bra"


"Sheer overlays can be warn over the leotards if you want a little

coverup for the arms and chest."