We can all agree that President Obama’s presidency gave hope for the future and perseverance for the days to come no matter the road we had to travel to get there. Last night, BET aired a special concert, Love and Happiness: An Obama Celebration at the White House.

The show opened with President Obama speaking to an eager and excited crowd. President Obama provided his humor and expressed that this would be the final concert held at the White house with him serving as President. Receiving sighs from the audience, our President responded, “We gon be alright.” In our current tense state of affairs, it is refreshing to know that although President Obama is exiting the highest office in the land, he has the same optimism that got him elected twice.


Performances by Jill Scott who sang “Run” off of her most recent album, ˆWoman”, dedicated to the song to women all over who wear an “S” on their chest. She followed up with “Golden”, and Mrs. Obama mouthed the words, “this is my song!” My sentiments exactly. Janelle Monae, performed a tear-jerking rendition of “Smile” and let’s not ignore that amazing red lippie she wore. Common and Yolanda Adams brought “Glory” back to life, Leslie Odom Jr. of Hamilton sang “Forever Young” and attempted to freestyle a rap about President Obama. Kierra Sheard, and Michelle Williams, turned the party into a holy ghost party with “Jesus Can Work it Out”.
Bel Bev DeVoe, De La Soul and The Roots, took us down memory lane performing some of their greatest hits and Usher serenaded the Obamas like only Usher can.


Words of encouragement, support and admiration were offered by Jesse Williams, who expressed to President Obama, that “examples matter” and thanked him for the example that he set. Samuel L. Jackson gave an ode to the epitome of cool and joked about the conspiracy theories and birther story that was going around about President Obama.

Angela Bassett commended Mrs. Obama for holding the office with so much elegance and grace. She complimented her for taking the high road during times of vicious attacks. Bassett also acknowledged their undying love for each other and called it a representation of true love and an inspiration for us all. Bradley Cooper joked that he would film another Hangover, if President Obama would stay in office, seeing that he was filming Hangover 1 and 3 when President Obama was elected in 2008 and again in 2012.

A short film reflected on President Obama’s presidency and revitalized the hope and aspiration that was the fuel behind his campaign while he was running for President and during his time in the White house. In the words of Regina Hall, “When will we ever see another presidency like this?”

The evening closed with final remarks from President Obama. We can all agree this was a bittersweet and memorable celebration.

-Kerri L. Hill