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Recently Jones Magazine caught up with Monica von Neumann, owner of Baroness Candles Collection. She chatted about her amazing candle collection and how it came about. Also she shared about her love for home keeping, her travels, and a few projects she has up her sleeve. To get the full scoop check out her exclusive interview right here!


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Q; So tell me how the Baroness von Neumann Candle collection started.


MV; Well it started with my obsession with candles (laughs). And getting bored with the same 5 brands that were out there (laughs).


Q; So you wanted to spice it up?


MV; Yes, I wanted to spice it up a bit. You know everybody knows me for flowers and candles when you come into my home. It always smells good and there’s always fresh flowers so it kind of seemed like the inevitable. And I started off with four scents. The first was the original, the Era collection which is based on things that are important to me, certain  smells that I grew up with, perfumes that I enjoy.


Q; Where did you grow up?


MV; I grew up in Los Angeles, Geneva Switzerland, France but I was born in Detroit.


Q; Wow! So you’ve been all over?


MV; Yes (laughs) you could say that. So a lot of the candles are based on that destination stuff too. They’re based on my travels and the memories that all those places bring to me. So that’s how I stared with the four scents and then I said to myself you know what, let’s take it up another four and it just kept growing and growing. I really love to sit down and work on my scents and I really try to just think outside the box. Nothing is literal. If it’s Christmas it’s not going to make you sick, you know? It won’t smell like pine trees (laughs). If it’s citrus it won’t necessarily be orange, it’ll be grapefruit mixed with a little basil. If it’s clean it’ll be soapy but it has all kinds of musky things going through it. So nothing so literal I just wanted to keep it elegant, simple, and beautiful and clean burning.


Q; So out of all the scents which one is your favorite?


MV; You know you can’t ask me that! (laughs) I’ll tell you I love Savon and I love Garbo. Those are the ones I burn in my home I just love them.


Q; Well that’s only natural.


MV; Right! You know, they’re my babies. (laughs)


Q; So where is your collection available?


MV; There available on the website and also in stores in Los Angeles.


Q; Right now there only available physically in Los Angeles?


MV; Yes in Los Angeles and in Hong Kong funny enough (laughs). I’m not sure how we got to Los Angeles to Hong Kong don’t even ask (laughs).


Q; How did that come up about?


MV; Well people reaching out to me. Also Japan and Europe now.


Q; So demand just went up?


MV; Right. People just started reaching out to me and we just recently started getting calls from Australia so it’s getting really crazy.


Q; That would be bananas if they got to Australia before New York (laughs).


MV; Right? But you know what we can take them anywhere (laughs).


Q; Is there anyone that you’ve seen, like friends or family, that have your candles in their homes? Is that sort of a surreal feeling?


MV; Yes absolutely. You know, to go into different stores in L.A. and see my candles. There sold in a popular store called Kitson in L.A. and I love it.


Q; Do you have any other projects you’re working on at the moment?


MV; I’m working on a jewelry line. And I also really love linens and stuff you know like home keeping so I want to do more home products.


Q; Well thank you so much for your time today. Jones really appreciates it.


MV; Thank you guys! 

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