Donna Karan has her heart in Haiti. With her extensive charity work she was moved so much as to inspire her Spring/Summer 2012 line after the poverty stricken country. In her recent, controversial, ad she captures the essence of two Haitian citizens in the background as Brazilian model Adriana Lima is front and center in one of Karan’s latest designs. What Karan had her heart in the right place as this was a heartfelt attempt to create awareness, but on the flipside many people are thinking where was her head?

Critics called the ad insensitive and racist. It can be difficult to put a philanthropic twist on a high fashion advertisement without some backlash. The photo was taken in Jacmel, Haiti and the picture was inspired by Philippe Dodard a Haitian artist who is known for his abstract paintings and sculptures of human figures. Her purpose is to bring attention to Haiti’s ongoing recovery from the earthquake in January 2010 and to show the country still needs help. Karan is one who is continuing her efforts and creating awareness through her talents.

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Yvelette Stines

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