Feeling sluggish and tired? Most of us reach for that flavor infused latte.  The instant burst of energy is a temporary fix. We encourage you to go green and drink green tea. This health infused drink will leave you feeling good from the inside out and looking even better. Green tea is known to have many health benefits such as cancer fighting agents, weight loss, and the prevention of bad breath and tooth decay. Along with improving your health, the beauty benefits are just as great. There are many products that have green tea in the ingredients. Try consuming it daily and you will reap the benefits in a natural and beautiful way. Here are some beauty benefits that green tea offers.

That Green Glow – Have you ever seen someone and their skin looks like it is glowing from the inside out? That is green tea along with other greens in your diet. This antioxidant infused drink helps rejuvenate skin cells, protects against free radicals, and the damaging exposure from the sun.

Acne Free – Whether it is stress or your pores need some purging, sip away calmly knowing your skin will clear up. Green tea contains catechins which is known to help the reduction of sebum glands by regulating hormonal levels. Beauty Bonus: Along with drinking the tea, directly use the tea bag (after it cools off) on your face as mild skin exfoliant. Very refreshing!

Healthy Hair – Not only does green tea help ailments such as dandruff, eczema, and psoriasis by reducing the inflammation. Green tea is known to stimulate hair growth and soften hair. It contains panthenol, vitamin E and vitamin C which are all common ingredients in hair conditioner. If you are looking for shampoo or conditioner that contains green tea find one that lists green tea close to the top of the ingredients and/or contains real green tea extract or EGCG. Also try to find a product that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate or parabens, these are known to increase scalp irritations.

Less Bloat – There is nothing cute about a bloating and gas infused tummy. This can come from a number of things. Green tea will help keep your digestive system moving and it aids in weight loss. With eating clean and drinking tea, your slim waist will trump the bloating in no time.

-Yvelette Stines