If you are looking to improve your hair health look no further than some great oils that will help your hair stay strong, aid in hair growth, and protect it from damage.

Coconut Oil – This is the wonder oil that you can use on your hair and body. Coconut oil great for a hot oil treatment and pre-poo. This oil enhances hair growth, moisturizes your strands and scalp with out weighing your hair down. It also serves as a wonderful conditioner.

Argan Oil – If you hair is extremely damaged this oil is wonderful for its restoration. Packed with  Omega 3 and 9, antioxidants, and vitamin E your hair will improve in no time. You can apply Argan oil daily and put some in your conditioner and shampoo.

Avocado Oil – With a healthy dose of protein, this oil is wonderful to strengthen your hair.  It also contains amino acids, vitamin E, B6, D, and A.  Avocado oil is known to protect and keep the cuticle of your hair strong. If your tresses are thick, this is a great choice for you because avocado oil is known to be heavy.

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