This Hair Crush Wednesday we are crushing on an East African cornrowing technique, Albanso braids. Jordan Dunn made it clear that she was did it for the culture, as she debuted the look on her Instagram last week.

Albaso braids #DoItForTheCulture

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These gorgeous braids are actually quite simple. For a season braider at least.

  1. First a thick and full cornrow is done. You want this braid to have some height.
  2. Then thin sections are taken from either side to create a  skinner cornrow overlapping the thicker one inside. The thicker braid acts as a filler.

This method of braiding is much easier to watch than explain. Check out the video below!

We love how Jourdan accompanied this look with super curly hair. There are so many combinations that can be done with this style to make it your own. The history and creativity of braids is mind-blowing. So let your imagination run wild and do it for the culture!

-Joyce Koomson


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