This week we are crushing on the party pony! This Hair Crush Wednesday is all about a smooth front and a voluminous back. So grab your best festive earrings and try this look for your next holiday party in 6 simple steps.


  1. Start with freshly shampooed hair and blow dry straight. Dab some edge control around your hairline and use a bristle brush to smooth back.  Secure with hair tie into a ponytail at desired height.
  2. Braid or twist your hair, then wrap around and secure in a tight bun. Try to make it as small as possible. This is your foundation for securing the extension hair.
  3. Using wavy human hair extensions at least 16″, wrap and pin extensions onto bun.
  4. Wand curl hair and spray with flexible holding spray.
  5. Pull apart and tease wand curls for fullness.
  6. Mist with lightweight shine spray.

-Joyce Koomson