This Hair Crush Wednesday we are crushing on one of the most innovative styling techniques EVER! The crochet technique is the ultimate time saver. Both installing and removing braids, twist or faux locs were an all day event. Crochet has now cut the process in nearly a quarter of the time. The style is so simple that many people have turned it into a DIY project. So how is it down?

  1. First you must cornrow your hair to create a foundation. You can customize the braid pattern according on the style you wish to achieve.
  2. Using Marley synthetic extensions or pre-styled crochet hair, use a special crochet tool to loop the extension hair around the cornrow.
  3. Pull crochet knot in place to secure.
  4. You may need to use perm rods to curl and dip in hot water to set.

Watch as YouTuber Beautycanbraid shares her crochet technique!

*Tip: For a more natural look, leave out your perimeter and/or part. Either manipulate your texture to match the hair or do individual braids, twist or locs. This will allow for the style to look the most natural.

-Joyce Koomson

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