Young Hollywood trailblazer Zendaya has been a chameleon with her hair styles and we’ve enjoyed every moment of watching her try out new looks!


This sleek style Zendaya choose for the 2015 BET Awards Pre-Dinner is a super chic look, not to mention Italso a great style to try with a beat face and a great pair of hoops!

Here’s how to recreate the style for yourself in a few easy steps:

1. Use a light holding spray and heat protector on damp hair and blow dry straight.

2. Part out your hairline in the front. Backcomb hair behind the hairline creating height at the crown.

3. Use a flat iron to smooth out the rest of your hair.

4. Use a edge tamer in the temple area and use a brush to slick the sides back; creating a slight mohawk affect. Use a bobby pins to secure the sides.

5. Smooth hair over teased crown.

6. Finish by misting a hold spray to keep style in place.

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