Do you know that you were born with unique facial features that were created just for you, only you and for a good reason? No, seriously, think about it. You are you- because you are the rare version of you. How wonderful is it that you can stand apart from the person on the left and right of you. Now think about this, every one of your characteristic traits are linked to your personality and is a very special representation of who you are!


So when you decide to wear any form of makeup, whether it be eyeshadow, mascara, foundation, false lashes, eyeliner, lipstick, lip liner, or even a little lipgloss (yes, lipgloss is catergorized as makeup ladies!) consider enhancing some of your facial features instead of changing your distinguishable appearance to look like someone else. For instance, we here at Jones Magazine have the honor to appoint our Makeup Monday Spotlight to the sweet face and sweet soul of Jill Scott, a platinum singer-songwriter, actress, model, and poet. Her natural authentic smile and inner beauty  exudes effortlessly. Scott’s makeup artist Tasha Reiko Brown does not cover up Scott’s smile with a boat load of blush, instead she allows the blush to complement her smile. Not sure how to apply blush onto your cheeks, check out this “How to Apply Blush to Black Skin” tutorial by “HowcastCareStyle.” Give yourself permission to be beautiful ladies, no one can do it for you!




Nafeesah Hope



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