One can argue that we are all students and teachers throughout this journey we call life, and most of our vital, most absurd lessons are established through relationships and personal experiences that eventually mold us into who we are today. However, there are many people that believe according to the position of the sun, moon, planets, and stars upon the time of your birth- you are more than likely to have certain characteristic traits and even physical traits associated with the date, time and month of conception. For instance, if you are a fabulous Leo (like me) born between July 23rd- August 22nd, the zodiac’s belief of physical structure, acknowledges Leos as lions with strong features; wide forehead, thick and full hair, and a rather large aquiline (hook like, prominent) nose. Along with a tall stature, striking and brilliant eyes with beautiful teeth and a deep, rich voice; these are qualities that are synonymous with Leo the Lion!



Nevertheless, there is something special about the Virgo’s physical structure that allows our Makeup Monday Spotlight to constantly keep all eyes on her! Born between August 23rd- September 22nd, Ms. Lauren Keyana “KeKe” Palmer, the Nickelodeons True Jackson and Scream Queens star is an actress, singer, songwriter and television personality that has commanding height, high forehead, beautiful eyes, sculpted lips, smooth complexion and a delicate thin body that can certainly make some of the other zodiac signs jealous! However, it’s Ms. KeKe’s high cheekbones that help emphasis her beautiful smile. Check out this tutorial by ehowbeauty to learn how to apply blush, with a settle contour to compliment your skin tone in the comfort of your own home. Thank me later dollface!

Nafeesah Hope




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