There is a lot of information stored in a smile. A smile can easily change the dynamics of any given situation whether it is genuine or a subconscious cover up to push aside negative feelings. For instance, physical attraction is communicated within a flirty smile, a fleeting smile can provide confidence to a worry-wart, or a simple apology could easily be accepted due to a slight lift of the cheekbones; but if you were to turn your smile upside down, into a frown, believe it or not, your environment can instantly change.

Smiling is more powerful than one may realize and that is why our Makeup Monday Spotlight goes directly to Sanaa Lathan and the unequivocal bright smile she possesses as a well-respected actress in Hollywood, she’s a Tony Award nominee and voice-over performer that not only lights up the big screen, she also lights up our hearts. Lathan’s pronounced cheekbones are considered a beauty trait that many women would like to have, so much so there is a such thing as cheekbone implants! However, before you decide to take the serious route to surgery, we here at Jones Magazine would like to provide a more settle approach with the help of a blush brush. Check out the following tutorial by Breonna Queen Beauty and witness the power of the smile for yourself!




Nafeesah Hope

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