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Keep your winter skin moisturized and protected. You can attain visibly smooth skin through all seasons with exfoliation. You should only exfoliate your skin two to three times a week to avoid irritation. Not only is using body scrubs for exfoliation great for sloughing off dead skin, it is a miracle elixir for dry, cracked hands and feet.

While you are exfoliating, keep these things in mind:

  1. Use a soft exfoliating cloth as opposed to a loofah or sponge. The body scrub already contains ingredients that have the ability to slough off dead skin. Using the body scrub, as well as a loofah or sponge, may be too harsh for the skin.
  2. When exfoliating, use circular motions on the body instead of the traditional back and forth method of scrubbing. The circular motion allows trapped ingrown hairs to come to the surface and it is less abrasive.
  3. If you see dead skin while exfoliating, don’t panic! This is the result of skin build-up, which the exfoliation has finally removed. Underneath is the visibly smooth skin that you seek.
  4. Use a salt scrub for oily skin or a sugar scrub for normal to dry skin.
  5. Immediately follow up with a moisturizer after exfoliation. The best moisturizers have a variety of tree, nut, or seed oils; and/or a Shea Butter in the ingredients.

Here are some of our favorite body scrubs and butters. What are some of your favorites?

Francina James

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