The power of red lipstick is just that. Power. The power of femininity, the power of precision, and the power of attention. However, choosing the perfect red for your skin tone can be the challenging part since there are so many variations of the color red, but look no further- M.A.C Cosmetics has a red lipstick that you can play up or down with a matching lip pencil or lip-gloss to change the brightness or boldness of its hue!

It is the original Viva Glam I lipstick created in 1994 by a company that desperately wanted to be involved with the HIV/AIDS pandemic that was rapidly weaving throughout the entertainment and fashion world. The wonderful thing about this lipstick is that “…an unprecedented 100% of the purchase price of any VIVA GLAM product goes toward the M.A.C. AIDS Fund.” This is indeed a great way to give back to others while feeling and looking good in the process.


-Nafeesah Hope

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