Do you remember playing dress up with your mom’s high heels and jewelry as a young child? The best part for me was playing with her nail polish and lipstick as I listened to her laugh at the Cosby show playing on a nearby television. Our Makeup Monday Spotlight lands on Raven Symone, better known as Olivia Kendall, their youngest, yet adorable, fresh face, innocent, and energetic cast member during the popular 80’s sitcom.


Today, her style of makeup is mixed with a distinct edge, sophistication and uniqueness that is parallel to none in reference to daytime talk television. She is ultimately unapologetic for wearing neon lipsticks, glitter eyeliner and big false eyelashes while filming her current daily television show “the View” on the ABC Network. Ms. Symone, we recognize your creative genius and freedom of expression.


-Nafeesah Hope

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