Are we the only ones jumping up and down like a kid in a candy store when Urban Decay launches new lip colors and eye shadow palettes? Didn’t think so, now we can all jump and shout with the news that Urban Decay is launching a skin care line. Yes, you heard that right, the brand took to IG to share the announcement.

There are two lines that will enhance your beauty experiences. Rehab Makeup Prep, these products are perfect for prepping the face before applying your makeup. Some items include, Pore Refining Peel, Pretty Gritty Skin Polish, Moisture Layer Eye Roller, Lip Love, Oxygenated Bubble Mask, and Hot Springs Hydrating Gel. The second line is called Meltdown Makeup Removers. You will get Lip Oil Stick, a Cleansing Oil Stick, and a Dissolving spray. Urban Decay officially has all of your makeup needs covered. We will keep you posted on the launch date.

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