Everyone wishes for a fairy godmother, especially Cinderella’s. Disney’s reimagining of Cinderella hits theaters this Friday, March 13. Cate Blanchett stars as the evil stepmother and Lily James plays Cinderella. The traditional fairytale comes to life in a magical way.


Let’s flashback to our childhoods. Remember cringing at the ugly stepsisters and the wretched, evil stepmother? After her father’s death, Ella becomes the servant of the house. She is constantly picked on and covered in fireplace cinders, leading to the nickname Cinder-Ella.


Cinderella escapes into the woods, meets her prince, meets her fairy godmother, goes to the ball, barely escapes before midnight, and ends up marrying the prince. You know the story! Although her fairy godmother only appears for a little, the pumpkin carriage, mice, glass slippers and all the magic are more delightful than ever.


We loved costume designer Sandy Powell’s looks for the movie. Powell was inspired by the traditional clothing of the old era but adds her own touch. Some of the pieces have different colors, but they have similar silhouettes to the original costumes. Cinderella’s blue ball gown had everyone ooh-ing and ahh-ing. With the corset and the v-cut shaped bottom bodice and the perfectly layered tulle, Cinderella’s ball gown will automatically become icon and symbol of the new movie.


The IMAX experience also added an enchanting element.


The movie will surely be a smash.


-Jenny Sung

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