On March 26, Janelle Monaé took center stage in New York City at the Best Buy Theater. The smash performance was free to all Samsung users who arrived with their phone at the company’s Soho location.The show was held in anticipation of Samsung’s new releases of the Galaxy S 6 and Galaxy S 6 Edge. All those working the event even donned the Superstars traditional uniform of a black and white bow tie ensemble. The aura was magnetic from the door as all were drawn to the dance floor from the magical vibe.Monaé put on an immaculate demonstration of raw talent. Performing hit songs like “Electric Lady”, “Primetime” and “Tight Rope” the crowd was on their feet begging for more. Not only did she electrify the stage with her songs but she did tribute songs from the Jackson 5 and James Brown.The Electric Lady treated fans to a timeless performance.


-Toyibat Oridami


Phot Credit: Don Bowers for Getty/Samsung