This year, 2017, has thrown us some fashion curve balls. Brands like American Apparel and Aeropostale closing has sent our high school reminiscent days dashing. BCBG, ( bon chic, bon genre) known for its cocktail dresses and prom gowns is closing a selected number of stores. Exact numbers or locations have not been given but seeing the shopping climate change, BCBG has to adapt to the tide.

With more shoppers utilizing online services, more stores are finding themselves having to compete. Brick and mortar stores have become things of the past and fashion brands are feeling the heat. I enjoy BCBG, but it’s hard to find those sophisticated looks (dresses are more suitable for a cocktail hour) and the price point doesn’t appeal to the average young teenager. Brands like Forever 21, H&M and Nordstrom Rack, price point appeals to the average teen shopper and they are always trendy which makes it harder for BCBG to be a competitor.

It was becoming quite obvious the brand was taking a turn for the worst when Founder, Max Azria left the company on a sabbatical back in July 2016, with little to no intent of returning. Soon followed was his daughter, Joyce Azria who left the BCBGeneration label to start a new one. The BCBG brand still creates buzz hopefully it will be able to recover after realigning its vision.

Kerri L. Hill