Latin American fashion businesswoman Adriana Pavon launches Mexico Culture & Pride, an initiative that empowers consumers to own sustainable fashion accessories that will create jobs for the world’s many indigenous cultures starting with the people of Oaxaca, Mexico.

The initiative aims to conserve cultural textile traditions through education and bring fair trade commerce through exhibits to the international market. Mexico Culture & Pride is currently in the first of a three-phase campaign that includes a Kickstarter fundraiser.

The Kickstarter will fund a multi-city collaborative exhibition tour and deliver the first line of supporter-purchased merchandise of the Frida Kahlo-inspired collection. From now until August 20, supporters of this Kickstarter campaign become co-launchers for Mexico Culture & Pride by pre-purchasing items such as tickets to the upcoming exhibit “Through Frida’s Eyes” and quality accessories designed in collaboration with indigenous groups. A 50% discount will be reflected as a ‘thank you’ to all supporters of this first stage in exchange for their support.

Pavon wants to share her cultural traditions by sharing her journey in the process to celebrate the diversity of the world’s indigenous cultures, which are disappearing from our society at a disturbing pace. Her inspiration for the premier collection, Frida Kahlo, was an iconic Mexican artist whose wardrobe took over the pages of Vogue magazine and her paintings were greatly influenced by this particular Mexican culture and art form. For more information visit Mexico Culture & Pride.

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