Supermodel Naomi Campbell, will join forces with Stylist Mel Ottenberg, make-up artist Pat McGrath, Fear of God designer, Jerry Lorenzo and Rapper Young Thug this upcoming season on VFILES Runway.  The ultimate supersquad will work with the VFILES team to select and consult the future generation of designers, models, glam artists and stylist for the show, premiering Sept. 7.


In a press release Founder of VFILES had this to say about the new mentors.

“We are incredibly excited to be consulting with Naomi, Pat, Jerry, Mel, and Jeffery as we prep for the seventh season of VFILES Runway,” says VFILES CEO and Founder (and former V editor) Julie Anne Quay. “Each has an incredible vision and are also not scared to take risks where moving fashion forward is concerned. Fashion today belongs to the risk takers and those who will push the boundaries of their ideas and how they are communicated.”

VFILES is known for producing some of the greatest talent that creates a big mark in the fashion industry.

-Kerri L. Hill

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