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We got a chance over coffee and bagels to take a sneak speak at a new style app entitled StyleChat created by Prosenjit Sen. In a room filled with industry insiders that consisted mostly of marketing execs, designers and stylists. This app allows you to pull images straight from the Internet and put them on a person. You can isolate earrings, shoes or wardrobe and interchange them in or out at will. You can share your looks with the public or email them privately. This app is a stylist’s dream because it allows you to show your clients exactly how a look should be worn without physically being there. For the consumer it allows you to shop and put looks together before you buy that skirt and can’t find a blouse hence wasting money. You can put that look together before you actually hit the store. Either way I love any app that’s going to help me stay looking fab.


-Renessta Olds (@ReneeOStyleLab)

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