Just in time for spring, Opening Ceremony and Vans brought out the glam with these adorable sparkly sneakers. With a fashionable and old skool feel, this glitter infused shoe is a first for the brand. Opening Ceremony, was on board immediately. “We saw the first swatches of the glitter upper and they were amazing, but we wanted to take it to the next level,” Humberto Leon, co-founder of Opening Ceremony, told Refinery29.

Each sneaker is completely coated in sparkles, with a contrast side stripe, and matching laces. Feeling nostalgic from grade school yet? Although the shoe is full of glitter, there is a matte looking finish so you can continue your adulting while turning heads and staying fashion forward. These shoes will cost you $110, but every speckle of glitter is worth it.

-Yvelette Stines

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