Often times, our lives consists of both spontaneous and repetitious journeys, yet they aren’t always as easy as reciting our memorized first and last names. What do you do when tension is attached to your cycle of life? How do you get an amazing boost to start your day, or how can you prepare for tomorrow with an adequate amount of rest? How important is it to find a diffuser for your troubles that doesn’t come with a ton of dangerous side effects? Our ability to smell is one of our strongest senses, so why not take advantage of your strengths by making your nose your diffuser. Aromas have always been known to bring about a memory, entice our mind, and conjure our bodies to change; so let’s take complete control and inhale a few scents that will declare fullness over our health and productivity.

Lavender can be used for a multitude of reasons and has astonishing special effects on the mind. Anxiety, depression, sleep discomfort, stress, headaches and migraines are all affected and influenced to cease when lavender oils are utilized. With just a few sprays of lavender on your sheets or pillows, resting is made easier for a troubled sleeper. This particular scent has a very calming effect on nerves, serves as an inflammatory, and after thinning, it can also be used as a stimulator.

Lemon can do wonders for increasing your ability to focus in and concentrate on a specific task. Whenever you’re consumed with the feelings of being overly anxious, overwhelmed, or enraged, lemon oils can transform your mood with its uplifting abilities. It serves as a refreshing aroma, enhances energy levels and awareness, improves the immune system, and helps the body rest during sleep.

Rosemary can be narrowed down to one of the best scents used to diffuse stress. Rosemary oil, like others is a perfect option for seeking headache solutions, but has a distinctive gift of improving memory preservation. The rosemary scent helps to fight against mental and physical weariness.

Frankincense is often used during meditation and moments set aside for spiritual connections. Frankincense oils has a refocusing benefit and its smell helps to dissolve anxious and nervous vibes.

Peppermint can be used to promote clear thinking, ease anxiety, and relieve headaches almost instantly. The peppermint scent has the ability to boost your mood and just like its cooling taste, peppermint can ultimately cool you down.

-Jalisa Bannerman