Whether it is a night out with the girls, a date night, or an evening in, some people like to have one or more glasses of wine. With varying studies of the health benefits, there are some specific tips you can take that will help you enjoy your wine the healthy way. Agnes C. Davis, a health and wellness advocate who has worked within a cardiac surgical team offers some tips to help women enjoy their favorite glass of vino.

Sometimes if you have one single glass of wine the next day “you don’t always feel or look your best,” says the CEO of Swim, Swim, Swim I Say, the only female-owned and operated swimming company in New York City. “There are a few things to consider especially if you are a woman and/or mom.”

Davis offers the following tips

Sip slowly while you eat: When you drink alcohol it delays your sensation of fullness when you eat, which then causes you to overeat.

Rethink the nightcap:  You might be thinking the glass of wine will help you relax and it will. Consider drinking the cocktail three hours before bed so it will digest in a timely manner.

Implement the one glass maximum rule: If you are going out, consider babysitting that glass of wine throughout the entire meal. This is a great way to not overeat, not drink too much, and save money.

Know your body:  Your body works on an elaborate system that has many working and moving parts, which happens naturally. Learn and listen to your body, the impact of food, alcohol and lack of sleep is not one-size fit all. Pay attention to how you feel after a glass of wine and respond accordingly.


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