In a perfect world we would all have gorgeous, vibrant skin no matter how young or old! But the reality is that we have all been down that road when we’ve looked in the mirror and found a break-out or two that brought a concern. We got a chance to sit down and talk to Bre Scullark, Cycle 5 America’s Next Top Model contestant, and get some ‘Oh So Fab’ beauty tips for everything from blemishes to make-up and even find out what she is up to these days! She may not know anything about cellulite, but she definitely knows beauty! Just take a look at her gorgeous skin. Bre definitely has proved that she is not just a beautiful face. She is intellectual, humble, and successful all wrapped in one gorgeous package! Her career consists of runway shows for Valentino, features in a long list of magazines, beauty ads, and much more. Join us as we talk beauty and have a few laughs with this young shining star.



Abeni: Your career quickly took off after ANTM. How has things changed for your career since your time on the show?



Bre:  I have to say that I’m really, really grateful because I’ve been blessed with a lot of great opportunities to heighten my career and it really started with ANTM. That helped to spring-forth my career and kind of put something in me that I wanted to be a model and I could. After the show, I was signed to Ford Models and within a year I think I booked my first two commercials, which were an Old Navy Campaign and a Pantene Pro-V campaign. I’ve been blessed to be with Ford for 6 years! They put me under their wing and I’ve done really well with commercial/ print modeling and high fashion, and I really have a thing for beauty. Anything we do we always makes sure that I stuck to what I was great at, which are those two things.


Abeni: Out of all your accomplishments in the industry, what are you most proud of?



Bre: Uhhh, that’s a tough one! I’m really proud of anything that I do because you put 100% into it…but I think if I had to choose something that I’m really proud of I’d have to say the first one would be working with Tyra as a correspondent on the Tyra Banks Show, because people got to hear me speak and it wasn’t just about me being a muse or me being a pretty face….it was like ‘Ok. She can speak. She can articulate herself and there are other things that she can do.’ So I’m really, really proud of that and I’d have to say that I’m also really, really proud of my Garnier campaign because…MAN!…it was the first job that I booked when I moved out to California 2.5 years ago. I don’t think we have that many commercials with African Americans speaking solely in a commercial by themselves or collectively as a group with other women. I just think it was a great spot to show beautiful black women loving themselves and loving their hair care and their beauty. I think that was a really, really great opportunity.


Abeni: I think that’s so inspiring to hear you say that because for someone else who really wants to get into that {modeling} it could really push them to say ‘Hey! This can really happen for me!’ We’ve seen your career grow quickly in front of our eyes. How do you think you’ve grown/matured internally through the years?



Bre: The one thing about my business is that I believe the older you get the better it gets…and that’s because it’s really a business for ‘adults’. Yes, it’s entertaining and there are different demographics…You know…Top Models cater to young women or fashionistas or young girls…Whereas, high fashion, Oscar de la Renta, may wish to find someone of another demographic. I feel like what I’ve done and what I’ve accomplished got better as time progressed because I learned to have patience with myself. I learned that I wasn’t going to get everything that I wanted over-night…and honestly, I’ve learned how to work hard. I think it’s a difference between saying I really want something and really going after what you want. I’ve definitely differentiated too. I’ve learned what I can do and what I can try to do. It’s gotten better with me as time progresses. I can’t wait to see who I’ll become in my 30s and my 40s! I look back and I’m like…’You’re doing ok!’ *laughter* I definitely think that I’ve grown over the years for sure.



Abeni: It’s inspiring to see you remain humble in conjunction with your breakthrough into the industry. What keeps you grounded?



Bre: What keeps me grounded is making sure I know the difference between just being my career and not my lifestyle. I think what helps for me is always having a balance. In my business, everything is extreme. You want to be extremely successful. You want to be extremely famous. Whatever you go for it’s an EXTREME and I feel if you don’t find that balance what happens is you go through the deep end…and that’s ok, as long as you find yourself, catch yourself, and come back. Some people do and some people don’t. What helped me is having that balance. I don’t want my career to be my lifestyle. I want a personal life. I want personal friendships. I want intimate relationships that have nothing to do with my business, so that I can nurture them differently. This is my career and to be my age and have a career and I’m not still trying to find a career and I’m not trying to find myself…you know…I’m trying to get where I’m at and get better at it. This is what I want to do, but this is not who I am.


Abeni: You are known for your flawless skin and your natural beauty. So the ladies who have problem areas that they just can’t seem to resolve would like to get a few beauty tips from you!


Bre: Ok!


“Ask Bre”…(Beauty questions from the street)

  1. What brand of make-up do you use and what kind of cleanser would you recommend?


Bre: Well first let me say that each product that you use on your skin, as far as make-up, varies depending on what type of skin that you have. So for me, I have semi-normal to oily skin…especially in my T-zone…that’s where I’m really oily. Your T-zone would be from each eyebrow and down your nose. What works for me is Bobby Brown, because it has a lot of moisture in it and my skin holds it really well. I do like MAC. I like MAC, but I would use them for a photo shoot or an evening out…whereas, Bobby Brown I would use for a regular day look. As for what I clean my face with…You know I’m old school…PONDS. PONDS are great for their make-up remover and everyday care. I would use AMBI. They {AMBI} have this great foam that cleans your face. I use it every day! It’s suppose to get rid of blemishes. As black women, our skin blemishes a lot (ex. when we have pimples, zits…) and I think that AMBI Skincare is great for that…

  1. I have skin discolorations and break-outs often and can’t seem to find any products that work. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places. Do you have any suggestions?


Bre: It depends on where the break-out is. Sometimes it’s {break-outs} hormonal, like when you get break-outs along your jaw line. I think that’s more hormonal, unlike the ones we get during menstruation. If it’s ongoing break-outs you might want to change your diet. People always think they have to change the product they clean their face with, but really it’s internal. It’s about what you eat and what you take in. So, first I say, drink a lot more water. Whatever you’re doing, you’re not drinking enough water. Whatever is going on inside your body is coming out. So start by drinking a lot more water and like I said before I think AMBI is great for blemishes and great for breakouts, especially for African American skin. So I would start there!

  1. I’m in need of a good face cream. Please help!


Bre: Face creams are really interested too, because a lot of them are alcohol-based and then others are way too oily. First, start with going to a dermatologist to find out what type of skin you have. Then, you can try to find what can work for you. For me, I LOVE GREASE! *laughter* I love grease, but I had to stop because I was breaking out. I think what balances me really, really well is Aveeno and your shea butter with oatmeal in it, which I think is really healthy and natural for the skin. Start with a non-fragrant and then if your skin is strong enough you can use a lavender or mango. They have so much fun stuff! Aveeno has a really great balance. It won’t make you too oily and it won’t dry your skin out…and remember that what you use in the summer you can’t necessarily wear in the winter depending on where you live. If it’s cold in the winter it’s going to dry your skin out. Whereas in the summer, it’s hot out all **** day!…You know. Aveeno is great for both. I can vouch for that.

  1. What can I do about cellulite? If you have ever had problems with this, what did you use?


Bre: What is cellulite? Isn’t it like water? Ummm…I don’t know! *Laughter* I don’t know…but you know what??!! Let me tell you something. I’m really big on Google! *Laughter* So…I can’t give any personal advice, but Google it! *Laughter*


Abeni: Being a graceful woman of color and becoming an illustration of natural beauty is something you embrace as a model. What do you love most about also being a spokes model for AMBI Skincare?



Bre: I think it’s great to…actually, I have the campaign, but I’m not a spokes model for AMBI Skincare. Three of us have had this campaign for AMBI Skincare for…I want to say…3.5 years now. The one thing that I say about that spot on television, like what I said about Garnier, is that you don’t see enough African American commercials…especially girlfriends sitting on the couch talking about real life issues like skin, hair, and self-esteem, etc. One thing I can say that I’m really grateful about having that spot with AMBI is that it allowed us to address real issues. A lot of people don’t know who to go to or who to turn to when it comes to these issues when it comes to our skin. We have so many commercials out there, but none that really cater to us. So I’m really happy to be a part of recognizing things that we can do to better take care of ourselves and our community.



Abeni: What other beauty products do you use personally on a daily basis?


Bre: I don’t leave the house without concealer, because I don’t think anyone should know if I got sleep or not the night before. I don’t ever, ever, ever leave the house without concealer…EVER! *laughter*…and mascara. Mascaras are great because…I don’t use water-proof…but I do love mascara because it has protein in it and it’s actually really healthy for your eyes. So I love mascara…and I love my concealer. Those are two things that I do not leave the house without. I’m not on the gloss. I like lip conditioners more so than gloss. I don’t know if you guys had this…but you ever go out and your lip gloss is really sexy and then two hours later your lips are all cracked and it’s {gloss} starting to bunch up? Yea…that’s not for me so I just get a little lip conditioner and I keep it moving. *Laughter*…even before you put on your lip gloss make sure you have a lip conditioner on…just so that it doesn’t dry your lips out, because a lot lip glosses dry your lips. I cannot take the pressure. You go and you meet somebody and your lips are all caked up. I can’t do it! *laughter* 


Abeni: You’ve also launched an UStream show for yourself last year. Is this still active? If so, how often can your fans meet you there to get beauty tips and interact with you?


Bre: You know what…I’m going to start Ustreaming. I am a lazy bum. I am so sorry. I promise I will start soon, especially with this new show I have coming out, ANTM Allstars. I promised myself I would do more for my fans because they have done so much for me.


Abeni: What is your ultimate goal for yourself and your career?


Bre: My ultimate goal is…and this might sound corny. I don’t really care…but it’s the truth so…My ultimate goal is to be happy. You know everybody is trying to get somewhere. Everybody is trying to be somebody. I want to get to a place where I’m internally happy. No matter what, no matter if this career works for me or not. No matter if I’m in a relationship or not. Whatever the case is…I want to be happy. I want to continue to be happy with myself and proud of myself. That’s where I’m trying to get to in life. That’s priceless to me.  


Abeni: Before we let you go, your fans and our readers are tuning in. Is there anything you would like to share or say to them?


Bre: I would love to tell you guys’ thank you so much for growing with me over these years. I’m not the same person I was six years ago, but I believe I’m getting better with time and so are you guys. I appreciate you and I hope you’ll stick around!


Oh we plan to stick around Miss Bre! What a great example and inspiration she is! We are so proud of her. Keep it up! In our eyes, she is #SoJones!


Interview done by Abeni Hasan

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