If you want to improve or clear energy in any area of your world try feng shui. This ancient art pronounced (fung shway) shares how the special area and placement of items in your space affect the energy flow in your life.
Productivity and focus are key elements for you to accomplish your tasks if you are working and your focus is fluctuating try these feng shui techniques to get you back on track.

When you begin any feng shui project start with a Bagua Map. This is a guide that shows what areas of your space are connected to the areas of your life. From there, the guide can help you get everything in order.
Here are some tips to feng shui your space for productivity.

1. Entrance: The entrance should be free from obstructions. A great entrance way provides an immediate view of something inspiring like artwork or a great view. Essential oils help with the sensory experience of your space.

2. Office: Even if you have a cubicle, this area should look like your personality. You can add plants such as Bamboo and/or Jade and accessories that will help your space. Colors and frames can create many shifts in your work area. You also want to consider a space that will help you reduce as much clutter as possible.

3. Desk: The ideal placement for your desk is facing the door. If this is not an option, a well-placed mirror that gives a view of the door will make it more powerful.

The Bagua Map is a great guide to see where you naturally place items vs. where you should be placing items to get the full benefit of feng shui.

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