It is a healthy addition to life to be grateful. There are many times we complain about our situation and we are so submerged in complaining that we miss the little things. It is natural, at times, to want more but we must embrace and appreciate what we have and the universe will support us in our journey to improve our situation. It takes, faith, hard work, determination, and gratitude.

Here are some ways that you can actively show gratitude in your life.

Keep a list– For the next 21 days write down 10 things that you are grateful for.

Give gratitude– Do you have a co-worker that is very helpful? Is there an employee that goes above and beyond and asks for very little? Do you have a loved one that has been very helpful in your life? Send them a sincere message of gratitude. This makes everyone involved feel good. Many times we may keep our gratitude to ourselves but to share it with someone in a heartfelt way creates an unforgettable bond.

 Give thanks – If you woke up this morning you are blessed. A great way to show gratitude is to share your gifts with the world to help it become a better place.

Give to others – Share your time with those who need it. Volunteer at a children’s hospital, homeless shelter, or school. Giving is always good for the soul.

Take some time out and spread the gift of gratitude.

-Yvelette Stines

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