There are some mindful actions you can take to have a calm day. If we stop, think, and reflect our day can go much smoother. It takes a conscious step to make it happen. Here are five tips to keep your day peaceful.

1. Create a schedule – When you have a schedule for your day you have purpose and goals. This will mentally help you keep order and focus on your priorities.

2. Embrace your morning routine– We all have a morning routine some things we enjoy others we don’t. Use this as a jump start to your day to get things done. Start with positive affirmations and set intentions on how you would like to begin and complete your day.

3. Do something for yourself – This goes beyond your personal hygiene. If it is taking longer to drink you morning coffee or tea, a few extra minutes in the shower with your favorite scent, a nice walk, journaling, r whatever brings you joy. It feels good to do something for yourself. Remember, practice self-care first.

4. Be mindful – There is a purpose behind every interaction that you have throughout the day. Be mindful and present with everything that you do. Check in and align yourself with the present moment there is growth in many situations.

5. Breathe…Deep – Breathing is a source of life. It can refresh, detox, and give you energy. If you feel stressed or overwhelmed, take a moment close your eyes and take a long deep breath.

-Yvelette Stines

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