Did you know practicing proper breathing techniques can offer many health benefits when it is done properly?

When we breathe, many times it is very shallow. Next time you exhale, pay attention. If you notice that you are a shallow breather, try to make a conscious effort to deepen your breath to ensure that you are breathing properly. When you inhale there should be an expansion and when you exhale everything should compress. Breathing can help your health in many ways.

1. Improves Circulation – Breathing gets your blood circulating and increases oxygen to your organs.

2. Mental Clarity – When your breathing is aligned and focused, your thought process is clear and it is easier to make decisions in any situation.

3. Immunity Booster – There is a detoxing element that goes into breathing and it helps the body heal and sustain energy.

4. Strengthens Posture– When you breathe and fill your lungs, it naturally helps you to straighten your spine and sit taller.

5. Helps Digestions – Deeper and proper breathing results in increased blood flow, which improves your overall digestion.

6. Weight Loss – The extra oxygen that is distributed through the body, is known to help burn excess fat.

-Yvelette Stines