Getting back into going to the gym regularly or just practicing a normal exercise routine can be challenging, but these helpful tips will give you that extra boost to get back in the game or start for the first time.

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Take The First Step
The first week or two of getting back into the swing of exercising and eating right consistently can be the most difficult, but taking the first step is half the battle. Get a day in your mind and commit to making your triumphant return or lifestyle change to exercising and healthy eating on that day, no matter what. It’ll help your feel empowered and accomplished, which is also a big part of getting on the road to a new lifestyle you can be proud of in the long run.

Don’t Freak Out If You Can’t Stick To Your Planned Workout Schedule At First
Committing to a fitness routine and different eating schedule is not something that happens overnight. When you’re first getting started or beginning again after a long break, just making sure you exercise period rather than stressing about sticking to a specific schedule is key. Don’t let a missed time slot or meal slip up completely derail your motivation to get your exercise in; do it anyway! Before you know it, you will have begun to maintain a regular exercise schedule naturally.
Get Your Kitchen Involved

Track Your Progress
Whether you opt to go the traditional route like keeping a fitness journal or keep it modern with a FitBit, having a visual reminder of your progress to refer to on a daily or weekly basis can make all the difference in how serious you become about reaching your goals. Nothing is more motivating than being able to see the changes in your body or your physical health through your own, accurate documentation.

Get A Friend Involved
When it comes to meeting fitness and healthy eating goals, accountability is the name of the game. Having a friend who will challenge you to stick to your goals or encourage you when you get off track can be a lifesaver. If you’d rather not loop your close friends or family in on your journey, you can also connect with other people working towards fitness goals anonymously online or sign up for things like group training sessions or nutrition classes.

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