Seaweed has been used for thousands of years in China for its health benefits to ensure a happy, long life and now it’s hitting store shelves everywhere as the latest diet staple.

Traditionally, sea vegetable gardens were the well-kept secret of the rich, but the secret is out. Common seaweed is jam-packed with more minerals and vitamins than your average land fruit or vegetable. It contains an abundance of dietary fiber, iodine, calcium, protein, iron, antioxidants and folate. This particular cocktail of goodness can help a multitude of physical, mental and even sexual problems. On top of all that, its calorie content is minimal….what’s not to love?

The vegan-friendly ingredient is part of the algae family and comes in varieties of red, brown and green. Like all good things in life, it is best served in small portions for optimum results. Remember to check the added salt, sugar and artificial flavoring content. It is most commonly eaten in sushi, salads and dried sheets, but there are many delicious options. Seaweed rice cakes and chips are currently the trending topic of the snack aisle, but why not add Nori sheets to your wraps, casseroles, soup and stir-fries?

Eating or drinking seaweed can boost your immune system and prevent degenerative diseases like type II diabetes, liver and heart problems. Its detox properties can make you feel better after a night of drinking and rid your body of any environmental pollution. The super snack can also boost cognitive function, improve your memory, eyesight and dental health. It also does wonders with stabilizing your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

For those trying to lose a little weight, seaweed is a natural diuretic that reduces bloating and unwanted wind. It aids digestion and keeps you fuller for longer. The pigment fucoxanthin helps to speed up your metabolism and convert stubborn fat into energy. Seaweed’s iodine content improves thyroid function, which is responsible for all of your body’s functions. An iodine deficiency can lead to fatigue, depression, a higher susceptibility to disease and a harder time losing weight.

Seaweed can also cater to your bedroom needs. Bae will appreciate that the vitamin E content promotes healthy sperm production and its manganese content will boost both of your sex drives. It can also give you more energy and slow down the process of menopause by regulating your hormones; the same hormones used to block breast cancer. The magic green stuff also controls symptoms of PMS and boosts fertility, so it’s thumbs up all round. You will also feel more attractive with a glowing complexion, clearer skin and red-carpet-ready lustrous hair.

What are you waiting for?

-Megan Saad

Photo Credit: Medlicker