Boost your metabolism the natural way with these wonderful spices. There are many creative ways to add them to your diet.


This spice is a cousin to ginger. The yellow pigment comes from a phytochemical called cumin. This decreases inflammation in the body. When inflammation is curbed, this improves the body’s reception to leptin, a key metabolism hormone.

You can add turmeric as a spice when you are cooking, making a dressing, or drink the tea.


This spice reduces LDL blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  Cayenne is known to raise your metabolism and heat up your body. This will help you burn fat too. As a bonus Cayenne is a wonderful spice for both a pain and anti-inflammatory remedy.

You can add cayenne to grilled or cooked foods, salad dressing, and marinade.


Packed with capsaicin, the same compound that heats up hot chilies and peppers, ginger has a plethora of antioxidants. Studies have shown that capsaicin my kick metabolism into high gear and increase calorie burn.

You can add ginger to a salad, tea, or soup.


Cinnamon helps control you insulin levels. This spice is known to alter the metabolism of both sugar and carbohydrates. When you consume cinnamon itself it causes a metabolic reaction which helps in increased metabolism and weight loss.

You can add cinnamon to your smoothie, oatmeal, or cooked apples.

Yvelette Stines

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