We know spring is right around the corner. With longer days we have to say good-bye to that extra hour. Where it seems like no big deal, the adjustment phase can create havoc on our bodies. Here are some tips to help you spring forward with ease.

Go to sleep an hour early–If you start going to bed an hour earlier you won’t feel the impact of losing an hour from your regular sleep. If you know how much sleep you need, be sure to get those hours and a couple more until your body adjusts.

Schedule extra time to relax– When the sun is still up it feels like we have more hours to get things done. We can, but we must be mindful. Give yourself two full weeks to adjust to the time change.

Exercise–Schedule time for fitness. It helps your overall health and it also helps you sleep better.

Avoid extra stimulants -Try not to consume extra caffeine or additives to make up for fatigue.  This is not good for your body or sleep.

-Yvelette Stines

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