The plank will get you toned in a short amount of time. This exercise offers many health benefits which includes toning areas such as abs, legs, arms, and core. If you incorporate this move with your cardio and healthy eating you will see results in no time.  Planking is an exercise that also enhances your physical and mental strength. Here are some more benefits.

Tones the tummy: Planking builds the inner core muscle of the stomach. When these muscles become stronger, your abs will tighten. This is where the healthy eating and cardio comes in to help shed the excess fat.

Full body flexibility: When you plank everything stretches and strengthens. Your arms, back, and legs feel the burn, but you are also extending while you are doing this exercise.

Perfect Posture: This exercise improves your posture because you are engaging your back and abs.

Overall Balance: As your body gets used to planking and you extend the time, you are stronger and can hold your weight. A side plank will help you improve your balance. The ultimate test, side plank with a raised leg.

When you start this workout don’t feel overwhelmed. Begin with 3 sets of 10 second holds. Then add time as you get stronger.

– Yvelette Stines

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